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Event Index & Search

There are many solutions for observing the health of your message bus but there are very few solutions for “seeing” the actual data inside them.

Batch’s event observability platform enables developers to view any data that has passed through your message bus regardless of message bus tech or event encoding.

Event Deserialization

On top of supporting plain and JSON events, Batch will also automatically decode Protobuf, Avro and GZip encoded data and make it viewable via a familiar, Kibana-like search UI (and an API, of course).


Batch stores all of the data it has collected in two places:

Fast storage (10% of your total storage)

Long-term storage (100% of your storage)

When you perform a search, Batch will first search fast storage and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, the search can be performed against the long-term storage using the same Lucene-like search syntax. By storing data in two distinct locations, we are able to: Offer lightning-fast search to facilitate real-time observability. Provide pinpoint-precision searches and replays that may span hundreds of billions of events collected over several years.

Reach out to us to schedule your demo and learn how Batch can improve your event driven system!