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Event Replay

Event replay enables you to send the results of any search to a destination of your choice. Batch enables you to no longer have to download a CSV or a JSON blob of the data you or your team needs and go through the process of importing it into another platform.

Batch is the only system available on the market that allows you to search for a single event out of billions and only replay that specific event.

Flexible Destinations

With Batch, any search result can be replayed to a remote Kafka instance, a developer’s local HTTP service or an AWS SQS used by your data science team. Batch replays the original, raw event that it originally collected which means that you will not need to build any additional functionality just to be able to consume the data - the replayed event will match your system.

Benefits of Event Replay

Ability to replay your entire event history or granular pick out your events
Enables you to reconstruct state of any application at any point in time
Fix bugs and maintain data integrity in your system by keeping track of how your state evolves

Use cases

“Seed” (event source) event data to bootstrap a developer’s local database
Extract statistical data for your data science team and push it to their Kafka instance
Load test your infrastructure by replaying HTTP events
Improve your continuous integration process by integrating Batch replays
Facilitate post-mortem and root cause analysis for an outage by replaying events that occurred during an outage

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