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Our History

Batch was conceived by Ustin Zarubin and Daniel Selans in an effort to improve observability for messaging systems.

While Kafka is incredibly fast, it severely lacks in tooling for viewing and managing the data that is stored within it.

Our use case was simple: as we were developing software that interacted with messaging systems, we needed to be able to view the data that we produced and consumed to ensure that our software is working correctly. Because we used protobuf for the message envelopes, a simple "viewer" app was not enough - we wanted the data to be decoded and we wanted to be able to pinpoint data when there were millions of messages.

The initial prototype of our platform addressed just that - being able to ingest data from a given Kafka topic, decoding, indexing it and making it all searchable and replayable.

As we delved deeper into the problem, we realized that such a "search and replay" functionality would be beneficial for all messaging systems - they all had the same data observability problems as Kafka (and in many cases, worse).

From there, we built plumber and continued on with our mission: create a platform that simplifies working with any message system.

About the founders

Ustin Zarubin Headshot

Ustin Zarubin

Ustin is a physicist turned computer scientist. After spending many years in academia, he ultimately ended up working at various startups, primarily doing software development in Python, React, Elixir, and Go. It has been Ustin's dream to build a world-class company that solves difficult problems while fostering excellent culture.

Ustin met Daniel at Community where they both worked on building and improving the platform (and bonded over shashlik recipes).

Ustin resides in Chattanooga with his wife and two beautiful kids.

Daniel Selans Headshot

Daniel Selans

Daniel has 15+ years of experience working on highly scalable, distributed systems at companies such as New Relic, InVision and DigitalOcean.

He has spent a large portion of his career at data centers doing integrations engineering. This allowed him to acquire a non-traditional skill-set for a software engineer such as networking, distributed storage, virtualization and a deep appreciation for high levels of reliability.

Daniel is originally from Latvia and currently resides in Portland, OR with his wife and kids.

About the team

Our team is comprised of industry veterans who have worked in every corner of tech for the past 20+ years.

Fritz Stauffacher Headshot
Fritz Stauffacher
Mark Gregan Headshot
Mark Gregan
John Nelson Headshot
John Nelson

Our team is...

  • Capable of tackling any problem, regardless of its size or complexity
  • Extremely passionate about event driven systems, high scale and reliability
  • Extremely versatile
  • Extremely Humble

Batch exists because of the team that built it. We love our team ❤️.

Our Investors